Type of Venue: Wine Bar, Restaurant
Cuisine: Modern Australian food and wines
Highly Recommended: Cocktails (Mr & Mrs P; Matcha Made in Heaven). Shhh Stolen Saltbush, Roasted Cauliflower, Pumpkin Salad, Blackmore Wagyu Beef

A love story told through a venue, Mr & Mrs P is a restaurant and bar whose aim is to extend the love shared between a husband and wife, and their love for hospitality, with their customers. The first venue owned by Greg and Georgia Poliwodzinski since getting married, Mr and Mrs P is a trendy, sleek and classy venue that introduces a bit of nightlife into the Brighton area.

With a combined experience of over 25 years in the industry, it is clear that the couple know what they are doing. From the moment you step foot into their Bay Street location, the low key, sophisticated ambience feels like a completely different world. Clean, wooden-furnished benches line one side of the venue, whilst the other side features a granite-topped open bar, at which customers can enjoy their cocktails and food with prime view of the mixologists at work behind the bar.

An impressive wall of shelves feature a range of wines, spirits, liqueurs and champagne bottles, all lit up with bright lights to take centre stage within this mostly dimly-lit venue. Walk through to the back courtyard and feel immediately comfortable in their intimate, open-aired seating area laiden with heaters for the colder weather. The layout of this new venue is intimately impressive, successfully portraying the warm feeling of wining and dining in a basement wine cellar of someone’s home.

Perusing through the menu, the drinks list features wines by the glass and by the bottle, with beer on tap, cleverly crafted cocktails, and a ‘Build Your Own Bloody Mary’ option. Visiting here for the first time, it’s hard not to go past their signature cocktail, Mr and Mrs P. A delicious blend of vanilla vodka, passionfruit and white chocolate is served in a martini glass, exhibiting an expertly balanced drink of sweet and slightly tart flavours. The coating of shaved white chocolate around the rim of the glass tops it off magnificently.

Mr and Mrs P ($19.50)

The Matcha Made In Heaven is slightly less sweet, delivering on subtle hints of matcha flavour amongst the restrained use of sourness and delicate spiciness from the peppercorn garnish. Belvedere vodka is complimented by lychee, elderflower, lime, basil, mint ginger and Matcha Maiden powder.

Matcha Made In Heaven ($20.00)

The food menu has been created by Executive Chef, Matthew Butcher (ex-Morris Jones & Co.), whose focus on using locally sourced ingredients is displayed in their double-sided grazing menu. Bar Snacks predominantly feature the frying of tapas-style ingredients (bar the steamed oysters), which serve as the ideal accompaniment to a wine and/or cocktail.

A generous bowl of native Australian plant whose unique preparation results in a moreish product that surprisingly mimics salt and vinegar chips, Shhh Stolen Saltbush is highly addictive. Foraged from the nearby beach and naturally salted by the sea air, these plants are then taken into the kitchen to be seasoned with soy salt and vinegar, dehydrated, and then fried.

Shhh Stolen Saltbush ($7.00)

Soft Shell Crab offers a thick batter that is crunchy, thus contrasting the soft-textured crab meat within, with flavours enhanced by yuzu mayo, seeds and togarashi.

Soft Shell Crab ($11.00)

A selection of Cold Meats and Fromage (Cheese) is available to choose from, along with daily selections of both varieties. If you want to try a few things, you’re welcome to mix and match to create a charcuterie grazing board that the chef will conveniently prepare right in front of you at the table or bar.

As part of the smaller and larger sharing dishes category, Roast Cauliflower is seasoned with curry, and covered in a caper raisin puree and yoghurt. The juxtaposition between the sweet caper raisin puree and sour yoghurt is well-balanced, enhancing the flavours of the soft-textured cauliflower. A garnish of wild cabbage adds some freshness, which has been picked from local gardens around the neighbourhood.

Roast Cauliflower ($14.00)

Pumpkin Salad arrives as a crescent-shaped pumpkin with its skin still on, roasted to a meltingly tender texture. Topped with candied pepitas, feta, honey and cumin, the amalgamation of nutty, salty and slightly sweet flavours makes for a warming dish on a cool night.

Pumpkin Salad ($19.00)

A low-carbohydrate version of tacos, Spicy Prawn Tacos are a spicy mixture of prawns, sriracha and yuzu mayo, held within a freshly crisp iceberg lettuce, sprinkled with yuzu seeds.

Spicy Prawn Tacos ($18.00)

A signature dish, Blackmore Wagyu Beef is prepared and cut into bite-sized cubes, sitting atop buttered risoni and green goddess dressing. Buttery richness exudes from the tender-cooked risoni and flavoursome green dressing, whilst the Blackmore Wagyu beef is juicily tasty, albeit slightly too chewy to match with the soft-textured risoni.

Blackmore Wagyu Beef ($31.00)

A unique wine bar ambience whose casual nature provides a suitable environment for all occasions, Mr & Mrs P is definitely worth a visit, particularly if you enjoy clever pairings of cocktails and/or wines with chef-prepared, delicious grazing food.

Note: I dined at Mr and Mrs P on behalf of The City Lane. Thank you to the managers and staff for their generous hospitality throughout our experience.

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Mr and Mrs P
312 Bay Street
Brighton, VIC 3186
Ph: (03) 9596 4468
Email: info@mrandmrsp.com.au
Hours: Tues-Sun 4pm-late.

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