Type of Venue: Cafe
Cuisine: Modern Australian brunch food
Highly Recommended: Vegan Pancakes, Spanish Eggs, Prana Chai

A cafe whose name is dedicated to the art of coffee making is clearly serious about their coffee. Open since the start of October, BREWista Cafe offers tasty coffee and contemporary brunch food that remains simple yet shows elements of complexity – something that is lacking on this suburban side of Preston. Situated on the corner of a roundabout, their prime location underneath a modern apartment block sees many locals popping in for a take-away coffee or lazy weekend brunch.

Sourcing their coffee from ST. Ali, their range of coffees on offer is sure to satisfy all tastes, with infrequently-seen choices also including ristretto and piccolo. For those seeking other drinks, the Prana Chai is a deliciously creamy fusion and full of flavour, whilst Turmeric Chai Latte, Berry Beet Latte, soft drinks, juices and milkshakes are also available. If you want to make some of their drinks at home, you can also buy their ST. Ali Coffee beans and chai tea leaves by the bag.

Prana Chai (with Bonsoy milk) ($5.00)

Soy Latte ($3.90 regular + $0.60 Bonsoy milk)

Particularly admirable is the chinaware in which their hot drinks are presented, and on which their food is plated. Bold in presentation and generous in size, the patterns and colours of their crockery elicit a rustic, home-style feel that synchronises with the commercial simplicity of their dishes, yet intriguingly juxtaposes the modern fitout of the venue.

Choose to dine on one of their wooden tables out in the sun, or make yourself at home inside their cosy, single-spaced venue. With the warmer weather coming around, sliding windows may be a potentially perfect addition to enhance the welcoming ambience of this new cafe.

A generous offering not provided by many cafe’s, BREWista gives customers a choice of complimentary still or sparkling water, the latter of which is my choice of hydration on this hot day.

Perusing through the food menu, there is nothing here that you wouldn’t have already seen on the menus of other cafe’s around Melbourne. However, in saying this, BREWista’s point of difference is their down-to-earth approach, focusing on quality ingredients and well-balanced flavours, creating dishes that are clean yet hearty and filling. Things like Organic Granola and Vegan Pancakes hope to cleanse the soul, whilst a Brioche French Toast, Southern Fried Chicken Burger and croque madame-sounding Mrs Crunch are a little more naughty.

Starting with a savoury breakfast item, Spanish Eggs feature smoky braised chickpeas, spiced eggplant, Iberico chorizo, tomato sugo, poached eggs, herb pistou and Meredith goat’s feta, with a generous serving of chargrilled Turkish bread on the side. The rustic presentation inside a metal skillet, served on a wooden board, adds to the comforting experience of dining at BREWista.

This version of a baked eggs dish is unique in that the ingredients have been cooked together, yet they remain as individual components. This contrasts the more regularly-seen baked eggs where the eggs cohesively glue all of the ingredients together, and can thus be overcooked themselves. Poaching the eggs separately and serving them atop the other ingredients ensures that the eggs remain the hero of the dish, and also creates a salsa-like concoction that the customer can then spoon onto the chargrilled Turkish bread. Intense flavours are riddled throughout these Spanish Eggs, with the bite-sized Iberico chorizo stealing the show when it comes to texture and spicy flavour.

Spanish Eggs ($19.00)

For the super health conscious, the Super Salad is a mixture of quinoa, toasted mixed seeds and nuts, wilted kale, cranberries, roasted carrots, pomegranate, Meredith goat’s feta and mixed herbs, sitting atop a bed of baba ghanoush, and finished with their suggested addition of spicy tofu. A perfectly light dish to devour in the warmer months, the smokiness of the baba ghanoush enhances the other ingredients, whilst the burst of juiciness from the pomegranates provide a further cooling effect. The only suggestion is to make the spicy tofu more spicy, as we hardly detected any spiciness despite its description.

Super Salad ($17.00)

To finish, the Vegan Pancakes can be enjoyed by both vegans and non-vegans alike. Two thin pancakes are topped with a celebration of caramelised apples, fresh fruits, orange-infused sultanas, toasted nuts, raspberry dukkah and organic maple syrup, finished with a vanilla cashew cream. The pancakes are on the denser side, but refrain from being dry, instead remaining quite fluffy and very tasty. The combination of fresh fruits adds excitement to the dish, with the nutty textures surrounding the plate also a clever addition.

Vegan Pancakes ($17.00)

With previous experience in the coffee industry, opening a cafe seemed the next logical step for the first-time cafe owners. Their humble concept suits the local suburban lifestyle prominent in this area, with their desire to cater to all customers displayed in the fact that many of their dishes can be made vegan with substitutions suggested on the menu. Coffee is good, as is their food, though it is clear that they are still a very young cafe. Taking into account their venue style, service and menu, everything has great potential, which they will surely harness over time in order to better find their niche.

Note: I dined as a guest of BREWista Cafe. Thank you to Leony and her team for their generous hospitality throughout our experience.

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BREWista Cafe
105 Dundas Street
Preston, VIC
Ph: (03) 9484 3943
Email: brewista@bigpond.com
Hours: Mon-Sat 7am-3:30pm, Sun 8am-3:30pm.

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