The great thing about food is that it brings people together, creating memorable experiences. This is something I have only realised in the past couple of years, when I first discovered my love for food. Yes, food has always been a part of my life (as it is for everyone who lives and breathes), and we wouldn’t survive without it. But never did I truly appreciate the experience of dining or eating out with friends or family, of how much effort and creativity chefs and cooks put into their edible creations, and how satisfying it can be to see people you love devouring a delicious dessert you made, until recently.

“F.E.E.D.” allows me to share this passion for food and experiences with other people, and it gives me a creative outlet through my writing.

I have lived in Melbourne, Australia, my whole life, but I also love to travel, particularly overseas. When planning for a holiday, I have been known to make a list of all of the food places I have to visit when there. But as is the case every time, once I have returned home, I discover new and exciting places that I should have visited as well … There’s always a next time!

One of my dreams is to be able to live overseas, and experience everything that it has to offer.

My full-time profession is as a Physiotherapist, but I hope to one day make my passion for food my career. How I am going to do that, I am still not certain. But, I hope that this blog will be a starting point.

Going out to different restaurants and cafes in Melbourne is an exciting experience for me. I have also dabbled in evaluating and reviewing different places, so I hope to expand my experience in this, in the future.

I am also very keen to hear your stories, opinions and ideas on anything and everything!

Please enjoy following me on this journey of self-discovery, mostly consisting of food experiences!

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