Type of Venue: Casual Restaurant
Cuisine: Asian-flavoured crispy fried chicken
Highly Recommended: Signature crispy chicken, Rice Boxes, Chicken Katsu Salad

You won’t look at crispy fried chicken the same way after tasting those of 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, now located along Bourke Street in the city. Originating in Singapore in 2009, this burgeoning international franchise has grown from strength to strength, with locations in Malaysia, Indonesia, and now Australia.

Bringing crispy fried chicken to a whole new level, their in-house recipe marinades chicken in natural herbs and spices, mixing with their own soy garlic or hot-and-spicy sauces, and prepared using a ‘traditional Asian method’ (involving soy beans, water and the hot Asian-Pacific sunlight). Avoiding the use of any artificial flavours or MSG, all of their products are made in-house, with chicken freshly cooked to order, and hand-brushed in their signature sauces.

Going through their excitingly vibrant menu, the signature crispy chicken is clearly the top pick, though their extensive range also includes rice boxes, burgers, salads, seafood and sides. Considering the focus on crispy chicken, it would be remiss to not order it. Customers can choose to marinade their chicken in soy garlic, hot sauce, or a mixture, which also highlights the fresh, made-to-order nature of 4Fingers’ concept. Deliciously crispy, seasoned well and sauced to an appropriate finger-licking amount, these are some of the best you will have.

Signature Crispy Chicken (8pcs, $12.00)
+ Rustic Chips (seaweed flavour) ($4.00)

If you’re after a protein-and-carb rich meal, their rice boxes come with crispy fried chicken wings, chicken legs, seafood or tofu. The Legs Rice Box contains succulently tender-yet-crispy chicken drumsticks, served alongside Japanese rice.

Legs Rice Box ($12.00)

Their range of burgers only includes four options, but that’s enough for a fried chicken restaurant. The B.B.F.F. contains a crispy fried chicken served with a kimchi slaw, lettuce and tomato, inside an artisanal Asian charcoal bun. The chicken is generously sized and equals the size of the burger buns, however more of the fresh salad and slaw is needed to help fill the rest of the burger. The result of insufficient condiments and ingredients is that the burger buns become quite floppy, with not enough forming the substance to hold the burger together.

B.B.F.F. Burger ($12.00)
+ side of chips ($4.00) + drink ($2.00) i.e. meal combo

For those a bit more health-conscious, the Chicken Katsu Salad is a good one to order, with slices of their signature crispy chicken tossed amongst fresh salad and a mayonnaise dressing. With lots of crunch and fresh flavours, it’ll leave you feeling very satisfied.

Chicken Katsu Salad ($11.00)

Not just your average fried chicken restaurant, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken is certainly bringing something different to the fast-food restaurant scene. Not only is their chicken of a high quality, fried to crispy perfection, and marinaded in-house with tasty herbs, spices and sauces, but their unique Asian-flavoured concept sets them apart as well. Although needing a bit more work with their burgers, and needing to educate their staff a little better on the menu items, it’s clear that crispy chicken is definitely their specialty, and is here to stay.

Note: I dined as a guest of 4Fingers Crispy Chicken on 2 x occasions. Thank you to the staff for their hospitality on both occasions.

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4Fingers Crispy Chicken
189-191 Bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9639 8861
Hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-8:30pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm.



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