An Uong, Richmond

Seeking a restaurant in Melbourne that offers fusion cuisine can be like picking a needle out of a haystack. Our amazingly diverse and multicultural population has paved the way for an array of cross-cultural tastes and flavours, which may ignite our inner chef to recreate these flavours at home, may develop a desire to travel the world and experience new cultures, or may bring back childhood memories of growing up in a different country. A relatively new restaurant in Richmond, An Uong aims to do all of the above, and more.  Continue reading An Uong, Richmond

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, CBD

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen aims to bring authentic Japanese ramen noodles across the world, with their very first Australian branch setting up shop in Melbourne. A worldwide restaurant concept developed by Yamagoya Ramen, they proudly specialise in offering Chikuho noodles, Tonkotsu soup, gyoza and roast pork.  Continue reading Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, CBD

The Butcher’s Bench, Glen Waverley

Located on the ground floor of Novotel hotel in Glen Waverley, The Butcher’s Bench offers a casually suave dining experience that is unrivalled in the surrounding area. Starting the day as a buffet breakfast restaurant in the morning that is more ideally suited to hotel guests, the restaurant transitions into a contemporary dining venue at night that is open to the public, specialising in beef and other grilled meats.  Continue reading The Butcher’s Bench, Glen Waverley

Funkie Brewster, Rosanna

Its name is a reference to an American sitcom, yet Funkie Brewster is earning its own reputation within Melbourne’s brunch scene thanks to their photogenic food and family-friendly ambience. Owned by a husband-and-wife duo, this is their first cafe venture, having only been open for a mere 5-6 months. The vibe is predominantly local, particularly given their suburban location along a quiet residential street, within walking distance to a primary school and public parks.  Continue reading Funkie Brewster, Rosanna

Mammy’s Boy, St Kilda

Every beachside needs a take away chip shop within walking distance to the beach. Enter, Mammy’s Boy. A humble venue based on Irish and British origins, who prides themselves on offering the most authentic and traditional fish-and-chip-style chips in Melbourne. Their local vibe extends from their small indoor seating area to a handful of outdoor tables and stools, complemented by a palm tree view looking out to the beach. Continue reading Mammy’s Boy, St Kilda

Neon Tiger, Malvern

Neon Tiger definitely earns its stripes when it comes to an innovative breakfast, brunch or lunch experience in the inner Eastern suburbs. Owned by a trio of restaurant and hospitality experts, their attention to detail in the cafe’s fitout and choice of friendly and skilful wait staff should be reason enough to visit this daytime cafe. Add some tasty food into the equation, and you have yourself a winner. Continue reading Neon Tiger, Malvern

Ate One Ate, Hawthorn

Ate One Ate is a large, single room restaurant and bar located within the restaurant district of Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn. A contemporary venue offering modern Australian food with Mediterranean influence is something that has been done before, but not to this standard, and not in the suburbs. Open since late 2016, the vibe at Ate One Ate remains casual with an air of sophistication, without becoming stuffy.  Continue reading Ate One Ate, Hawthorn

Pane e Pizzico, Essendon

An artisanal Italian bakery tucked away in a corner location in Essendon, Pane e Pizzico prides themselves on their welcoming and vibrant atmosphere, as well as their high quality breads, cured meats and sweet treats. A true local gem, the friendly nature exhibited by staff perfectly compliment the buttery and flaky pastries, encouraging a smile of happiness with each bite you take.
Continue reading Pane e Pizzico, Essendon

The Tradesman Cafe, Moorabbin

An urban cafe located in the industrial suburb of Moorabbin, The Tradesman Cafe is a hidden gem. Its name is in reference to their earlier customer base, who were the tradesmen in the local area seeking quick and easy daytime meals. Since then, they have refurbished to become a contemporary cafe that primarily serves the non-tradesman population seeking breakfast, brunch and/or lunch 7 days a week, with Friday night dinners (and alcohol) now available.
Continue reading The Tradesman Cafe, Moorabbin

Frankie’s Top Shop, St Kilda West

Frankie’s Top Shop is a new local café and food store within the residential side of St Kilda, owned by renowned food writer, Michele Curtis. They have only been open for 6 weeks, but the vibe within this cosy eatery feels like they have been here for years. Located across the road from St Kilda beach, you are so close you can smell the sand and feel the ocean breeze.  Continue reading Frankie’s Top Shop, St Kilda West