Olive Garden Cicchetti Bar & Grill, St Kilda

Olive Garden Cicchetti Bar & Grill is a modern venue with a slightly rustic and old-school feel, serving authentic Italian cuisine to eat in or take away. Situated along the growing foodie hub street known as Inkerman Street, further inland from the St Kilda beachfront, Olive Garden Cicchetti Bar & Grill caters equally well to the local crowd as it does to non-locals seeking decent Italian food close to the bay.  Continue reading Olive Garden Cicchetti Bar & Grill, St Kilda

Momo Dumpling + Tea, Prahran

Momo Dumpling + Tea is a new venue in Prahran, having opened just over a month ago. Their large industrial space is clean, contemporary and spacious… all traits that are usually non-existent in a restaurant serving Chinese food. Their aim is to reinvent traditional Chinese Sichuan cuisine by combining flavours to produce an innovative dish, without losing the authenticity of their Chinese heritage.
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Junkyard, St Kilda

Junkyard is a humble café located further inland from the more popular beachside spots in St Kilda. Taking inspiration from the ‘junkyard’ that St Kilda is often referred to, the venue is purposely minimalist and laid-back, personalised with a graffiti wall and mismatched furnishings and décor. As explained by the owners, Junkyard led the way for more small businesses to start to develop along this strip of Inkerman Street.  Continue reading Junkyard, St Kilda

Mr and Mrs Anderson Cafe, Hawthorn East

Mr and Mrs Anderson Cafe is located on the corner of Toroonga Road and Anderson Road, directly opposite a local high school. Everything about this light-filled cafe exudes a local feeling with a friendly and comfortable ambience. Named after the street they are on, combined with a reference to the owners (one is a “Mr”, one is a “Mrs”), this aptly  named cafe welcomes all customers, whether you are dining on your own, with a friend, or bringing your kids and pets along.  Continue reading Mr and Mrs Anderson Cafe, Hawthorn East

Ribs & Schnitzel Co., Hawthorn

A humble little venue situated away from the busy part of Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn, Ribs & Schnitzel Co. is all about two things: ribs and schnitzels. Owned and operated by Yoram Malka and his daughter, this family duo aim to provide a casual dining experience like no other, offering a range of chicken schnitzels and BBQ ribs that will blow you away with their flavours and vibrant toppings.  Continue reading Ribs & Schnitzel Co., Hawthorn

Machi Japanese Restaurant, St Kilda

Inspired by the local and friendly vibes within St Kilda, the word “Machi” is the Japanese translation for “community“. Located along the quiet end of Inkerman Street, along with a handful of other eateries and small businesses, Machi Japanese Restaurant is a modern Japanese restaurant that uses local Australian produce in dishes showcasing skilful Japanese techniques.  Continue reading Machi Japanese Restaurant, St Kilda

Picapika, Hawthorn

Picapika is a small cafe serving Japanese-influenced waffles and specialty coffee in a side street in Hawthorn. All waffles are freshly hand-made on site daily, with ingredients sourced from Japan, Belgium and Australia.  Continue reading Picapika, Hawthorn

Senses Restaurant & Bar, Templestowe

A local restaurant venue that offers both an intimate setting and a social atmosphere, Senses Restaurant & Bar aims to cater for all customer experiences. Their menu focuses on Mediterranean cuisine, with an extensive drinks list to match. Inspiring the name of the restaurant, the owners’ mission is to provide a dining experience for customers that will awaken all of their senses: taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing.  Continue reading Senses Restaurant & Bar, Templestowe

The Glass Den, Coburg

Located in an old gatehouse out the front of Pentridge Prison, The Glass Den adds a refreshing and exciting feature to this expansive yet dreary site. Over the months, dishes from The Glass Den have been spammed all over social media, impressing everyone with the colourful and pretty presentations of their food. With mixed reviews as to the flavour of their dishes, I approached my visit with caution. Continue reading The Glass Den, Coburg

Cafe Marcella, Brunswick

Serving Italian food with a twist along Sydney Road in Brunswick, Cafe Marcella offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in a contemporary and relaxed venue. Taking over the site more than a year ago, owner Simon has transformed the venue and its menu into something that entices people searching for modern Italian food further north of the city.  Continue reading Cafe Marcella, Brunswick